Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | December 24, 2010

A Christmas Prayer

My Redeemer,
Everlasting God, You have
Set me free!
So I will rejoice
In your coming
And praise Your
Holy Name forever. Amen.

Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | December 23, 2010


One dark night,
my life opened,
and Love came–
not in a chariot
drawn by fine, white horses,
but after agonizing pain,
He slipped,
into my arms
and changed this world forever.
There were no princely robes
nor stately palace
with a soft, warm bed
to welcome this King of Kings–
just swaddling clothes,
a wooden manger,
and I–
no queen
to bear such a Prince,
nor saint,
to live such a calling.
But I gave
all I had:
a full breast,
embracing arms,
a kiss,
my heart.
For in that divine moment,
on that dark night,
my life opened
and Love came–
and I was saved.
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | December 16, 2010


The long ribbons of paper
trail from my purse,
a summary of those full
grocery-shopping carts
I push and pull
trying to hold us together.
Sometimes they are
the only constant in this time
of serendipitous calamity.
They say, “Food, clothing, shelter.
Keep going.
Keep going.”
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | November 25, 2010


I have walked
long, dusty roads
thirsty for truth
hungry for love
wounded from living
in dark, filthy places.
Until I was invited
to Your feast.
Now, rested
filled and
I kneel in thanksgiving
and praise of You,
Yahweh Jireh.
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | October 29, 2010

An Opening

like Spring softly
comes slowly you warmly
come silently to touch me,
with soft-rain kisses
opening slowly flowers,
with a sunlight dream
opening silently my soul
bursts soft colors warm beneath you.
now Winter is long just a memory,
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | October 25, 2010


You and I
are like two trees
planted side by side,
whose trunks meet and
grow together as one
large trunk before
each branches out
into their own
piece of sky.
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | October 23, 2010


From the mountainside
you call for me
with a tumultuous roar
pulling me from sunlight
into, through, jungle-thick trees,
over smooth, slippery stones,
to your realm of precipices where
you hurl your rage headfirst over
breathless heights,
smash it into the stone below
and drive it relentlessly through
a chasm of curved rock into
the valley’s serene depths.
Following your fury there, I find
that our anger is now merely
an echo
Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | September 12, 2010


My soul lay there
like slivers of glass
shattered by a malignant hammer
and scattered to the edges of the kingdom
by a determined and disgusted boot.

I gather the shards,
lay them on the altar of Your love,
and pray
that what looks like total destruction
is, for You, a sacrifice to be transformed
into abundant life.

Posted by: Karla Stewart Okala | September 5, 2010

Solitary Confinement

Your brutal silence envelops me
like a shroud,
a tailor-made prison,
ever shrinking,
constricting my soul.

I long to rise from this dead place;
I want to plead for my life.
But fear of your words
stabbing me to
a quicker death,
keeps me frozen.

Your silence is a wall I cannot see through,
and one I am afraid to break down.
So once again I offer myself
on the altar of reconciliation,
allow misconceptions of me
to be truths,
and submit once more
to this death
to which you have condemned me.

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